内閣府主催「東南アジア青年の船 青年会議」で基調講演をさせていただきました。

Update 2021/12/13

11月末に代表の辰野が、内閣府主催「東南アジア青年の船」事業で基調講演「グローバル・シチズンシップでより良い未来を共創する-Co-Create a better future through  Global Citizenship-」をさせていただきました。







「東南アジア青年の船 との出会いから始まったことが今のGiFTにつながっている」ということ。













At the end of November, I gave the keynote speech (“Co-create a better future through Global Citizenship”) at the “Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program” (SSEAYP) program organized by the Japanese government. 

This year, 300 young people from 10 ASEAN (Southeast Asian) countries and Japan are participating in the program online.

I was part of the program as a participant 20 years ago, and I don’t think I could have dreamed then that I would later give the keynote speech. 

In preparing for my keynote speech, I wanted to convey the following message:

What started as an encounter with SSEAYP has led to the current GiFT.”

In the early days of GiFT, I started working with alumni of the Japanese government’s International Exchange Program and friends I had worked with in graduate school and NPOs in the United States. It was very encouraging to have a group of people who shared the conviction that “heart-to-heart human connections create peace.” This is true not only in Japan, but also in our partner organizations overseas, many of which are connected to us through SSEAYP.

So, even if it is online, I would like to convey the message: “This encounter will create the future,” as an alumna with actual experience.

 I also wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the fact that the SSEAYP program has been in existence for almost 50 years.

The audience listened intently to my story, and they were excited, surprised, and sad during parts of it; they also laughed with me.

 Even online, I felt the brightness and the energy of that moment at once, and that touched me.(And among the audience were Tobitate study abroad program and GiFT program alumni!)

I am very grateful to those who recommended me as a speaker; they really encouraged me.

I felt very happy to have met 300 new people who are motivated to make the world a better place and to have the feeling that this circle will continue to grow and create a brighter future.

I renewed my determination to continue to connect this energy to the future.

I am truly grateful for this opportunity.