Technical Report on Global Competencies/Global Citizenship in Education systems in Japan; implication and proposals from studies from USA & Canada

Update 2018/07/11

Promotion of GCED
Mr. Daisuke Kimura
27th March, 2018 (Teachers’ training held from 15-22 October, 2017)

As a follow-up of the G7 Education ministers’ conference, Fukushima University, CRET and GiFT worked for the teachers training in Canada and USA and research report on the comparative studies of GCED and Global Competencies in each Education system.

The training was under the cooperation with Ontario States Education Ministry and Asia Society in USA.

UNESCO’s GCED learning objectives were introduced in the report to foster the values and potential of GCED in classroom. 


<Outcome and learning>
-Participating Teachers were able to find out how global competency (GC) is implemented in classroom. Despite the subjects, teachers can input the concept of Global Citizenship and can foster the transformative education.

-Teachers found out that teachers’ competencies are necessary to conduct GCED in order to deliver the values of collaboration and enable students to take action to society.

-Participating teachers play active roles to share their experiences and importance of GCED in classroom towards the reform of Curriculum Guideline in 2020.

-Those paper will be widely distributed to policy makers, board of education and school leaders in all over Japan.