SDGs 4.7 Café workshop at Tokyo International Education Festival

Update 2018/07/11

Promotion of GCED/SDGs 4.7
26th, Match, 2018

GiFT invited leading persons of international understanding education, development education, human rights education, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), environment education and GCED to have small-group dialogue/workshop to introduce its impact on students and pedagogies to bring students transform to act on social contribution.
This workshop aims to bring all stakeholders to work for SDGs for schools.



<Outcome and learning>
 The voices from participants are as follows:

-Learned that SDGs 4.7 can bring all people from various education specialists towards the successful completion of transformative education reform. The keyword of SDGs 4.7 is a common language to connect people together. 

-“Moving” people’s heart and empathy can be the first step to change people’s behavior and actions.

-The most valuable and hopeful finding was that there are so many people who are passionate to bring changes in classroom.

In conclusion, this workshop for SDGs 4.7 was able to unite people from various individual education specialists. We were able to work together for the changes of classroom education and education policy making. The group will continue to discuss and work together for the policy proposal to include SDGs 4.7 elements into curriculum.


Specialists from various education fields continue to work
for the transformative education and teachers education.